Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon

Overall Rating (based on customer reviews): 4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars

Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon

Callaway are renowned for making some of the best golf equipment in the world. Their range of clubs and accessories are used by some of the top golfers in the world today. The Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon combines not only the top name in golf but also the top name in photographic equipment, so you can be sure this is a top notch product.

The purpose of the Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon is to help golfers find the distance of objects on the course. So you can quickly see how far away that bunker is or how far the pin is. Then you can choose the right club selection and make more accurate shots each and every time. This rangefinder does a very good job of showing you accurate and fast measurements whenever you use it. It can measure up to 550 yards which is far enough away for most golfers to help them choose their club.

Main Features:
- Brought to you by 2 huge brand names
- Accurate measurements of up to 550 yards
- Range of options including first target mode
- Easy to use
- Striking colour ensures you will never misplace it

The specs of ‘Callaway LR550 Rangefinder, Yellow’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Callaway Golf
  • Product Dimensions: 6.4×4.9×3.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“Callaway Nikon LR550Y Rangefinder”

I tried an inexpensive GPS rangefinder (iGolf Neo), but found its readings inconsistent. I was reluctant to try the more expensive GPS rangefinders, and the laser rangefinders were also quite expensive. I then ran across the LR550Y and was impressed by…Read more

“Callaway LR550 Laser Range Finder”

This range finder has been a joy and easy to use. The eight second active mode makes verifying the target a snap and the display is as easy to read as any range finder I've used. My friends recommendation of the yellow was spot on because it makes…Read more

“Callaway Rangefinder”

Although the technology seems much the same as the Bushnell rangefinders (I also have a Pinseeker 1500), these units are slimmed down – both in terms of the size/weight, as well as the interface. One button turns it on, then puts it in scan mode for 8…Read more

The Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon has some very good features as you would expect coming from such brand names as Callaway and Nikon. It’s a very easy rangefinder to use and most importantly it’s also very accurate. It will help you to gauge how far away a hazard is and also how far the pin is away. Then you can make your club selection and hit better shots all the time. All in all, this is an accurate rangefinder that also comes at an affordable price when compared to other rangefinders on the market.

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