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Product Description:

The GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is a budget women’s road bike which does a great job of getting you from A to B. It includes a 21 speed drivetrain with Shimano Revo grip shifters and a Shimano derailleur which allow you to change gears quickly, smoothly and efficiently. It also comes fitted with powerful Promax 501A caliper brakes which allow you to stop almost instantly when required.

Since it’s a women’s bike, the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike comes with a traditional dropped top tube women’s design. The frame is lightweight and allows you to maintain high speeds as you cycle through the city streets and it also comes with high performance tires which can stand up to everything the urban environment throws at them.

Product Features:

  • 700c high performance tires which can stand up to the demands of daily street cycling.
  • 21 speed drivetrain with a Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo twist/grip shifters for quick, smooth and simple gear changes.
  • 19.5 inch lightweight aluminum 7005 straight gauge road bike frame for fast, efficient cycling.
  • Alloy water bottle cage for instant hydration as you cycle.
  • GMC Series 7000 steel fork.
  • Promax 501A alloy caliper brakes for instant stopping power.
  • Traditional dropped top tube women’s configuration.
  • Vitesse alloy racing rims for improved handling.

Pros (features we liked):

1) Comfortable Seat:- When it comes to buying bikes, the standard seat almost always lets you down. Whether you’ve spent $200 or $2,000 on the bike, the chances are that the hard, uncomfortable seat will need to be replaced. However, the seat that comes with the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is surprisingly comfortable, even on longer bike rides. It’s not quite as good as a gel seat and you may still wish to replace it. However, it’s nice to know that if you choose not to, you can still have a relatively comfortable bike ride.

2) Quick Gear Shifting:- Another great feature of the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is the Shimano Revo twist/grip shifters which make shifting between gears a breeze. All you have to do is roll your hands forwards or backwards and the gears will shift up or down in line with your hand movements.

3) Drop Handlebars:- The GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is one of the only women’s bikes on the market that comes with drop handlebars. Drop handlebars are more aerodynamic and allow you to build up a greater cycling speed than regular handlebars. They are also more comfortable in general and offer a wider range of hand positions than standard handlebars.

Cons (what we did not like that much):

1) Difficult To Carry On Bike Racks:- Although the drop handlebars on the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike are functionally very good, the curved design makes attaching the bike to a standard bike rack very difficult. If you travel regularly and are looking for a bike that you can take with you using a bike rack, the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is probably not the best choice.

2) Water Bottle Cage:- Another frustrating feature of the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is its water bottle cage. While it’s a nice idea, the actual design is very poor and the water bottle cage itself isn’t large enough to fit a standard sized bike water bottle. While you probably can find a bottle that fits if you look hard enough, it really should have been built to the correct size in the first place.


Overall, the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike is a solid, low priced option. The seat is comfortable, the gears are quick and easy to change, the drop handlebars are a very nice touch and the bike as a whole costs less than $200 to buy. Unfortunately, the design of the drop handlebars makes it very difficult to attach the bike to a bike rack, so if you want a bike that you can take with you on weekend trips, this is probably not the one for you. Additionally, the water bottle cage is a very odd size and if you want to use a standard sized bike water bottle, it will need to be replaced. However, performance wise, the GMC Denali Women’s Road Bike does everything you need a road bike to do and if you are only planning to cycle close to your home, it’s an excellent way to get started without breaking the bank.

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