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Product Description:

The Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is an innovative alternative to traditional mountain bikes or road bikes. It’s the perfect solution if you don’t have much storage space and can be folded to less than half the size of a regular bike. It’s also very easy and fast to fold which makes putting it away and getting it out a breeze.

As well as being super simple to store, the Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is also very easy to operate. It comes with a single speed which means you don’t have to worry about changing gears as you travel. It is also constructed from high quality materials which means it can stand up to the toughest roads and will last you for many years to come.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable stem which adapts to riders as small as 5 feet and as tall as 6 feet.
  • Folds in less than 15 seconds which means you can grab it and go whenever you please.
  • Front and rear Promax V aluminum linear spring brakes.
  • Magnetix latch system which holds the bike together securely once folded.
  • Single speed for simple cycling.

Pros (features we liked):

1) Durable:- The Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is surprisingly strong for a folding bike. It has a solid, chromoly frame and absorbs the impact of potholes, cracks in the road and uneven surfaces very well. Even if you ride it on unforgiving terrain, this bike will stand up to the test and last you for thousands and thousands of miles.

2) Compact:- Another brilliant feature of the Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is its compact nature. If you don’t have the room for a full sized bike, this is a brilliant alternative. It can be stored in the tiniest closets and spaces which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of cycling while maintaining a clutter free home.

3) Adjustable Seat Range:- A further advantage the Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike has over many of its competitors is the adjustable seat height. The adjustable seat has a range of over 1 feet and is suitable for people as small as 5 feet and as tall as 6 feet. This is great if you have friends and family who want to use the bike too. All they have to do is hop on, quickly adjust the seat height to their level and then start cycling.

Cons (what we did not like that much):

1) Heavy:- One of the drawbacks of the Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is its weight. Although the bike is small and compact, it’s too heavy to carry around easily. You’ll have no problem storing it in small places but if you want to pick it up and carry it while you’re on the move, you’ll struggle and may want to look at lighter foldable bikes instead.

2) Slow:- Another problem with the Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is that it’s not very fast. While it’s perfectly fine for cycling around and it’s faster than walking, it’s relatively slow for a bike. If you’re constantly rushing around and always need to get to places quickly, there are faster foldable bikes on the market which would be more suitable for you.


The Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike is a good solution if you want a space saving bike and have around $300 to spend. It’s extremely durable and will last you for many years, so you’ll definitely get value for your money. The adjustable seat is also a nice touch which allows family and friends to quickly and easily use the bike. Unfortunately, it’s a lot heavier and slower than more expensive models. If you’re planning to pick the bike up and carry it with you on a regular basis or use it to get to places fast, this isn’t the right foldable bike for you and you’d be better of investing in a lighter, more expensive model. However, if you just need something that’s functional and compact, the Dahon Boardwalk Folding Bike does a great job.

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